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When AI Starts Leading Us

Just got back from a short trip. While on the vacation, I have noticed a few people sharing how they feel threatened about Facebook filtering their newsfeed. Of course, Facebook has been doing this for a long long time. But, it hasn’t got mass attention until recently — not before a few headlines from top news media about the US election and fake news contributing Donald Trump’s rising. While Fake news is a big issue and solving this will surely keep the experts busy for a while, I will sidestep that to talk about another issue — the rise of AI.

Not surprising to me. People don’t feel comfortable AI making decisions— at least, not yet. But, that’s exactly what’s been happening for a long time. Not exactly in the form of decisions though, but in the form of suggestions. Pretty much every large scale service on the internet employs some form of suggestions that is tailored for a particular user. Google suggests you sites to visit based on your browsing history, Amazon suggests you books and it goes the same for pretty much every service you use online. Your perception has already been skewed without you noticing it at all! And, it’s only going to get worse in the coming years.

My best suggestion is to get used to it. In the coming years, AI will start making the bulk of our decisions. For better or worse, we will be losing our sense of control and need considerable time to adapt in the new world! But, that’s surely going to happen. You will give up complete control over AI for convenience, starting with your driving decisions.