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What Is Apple Known For

You might answer iPhone, iPad or Mac. But, Apple really is known for upsetting a lot of people. Every time apple comes up with a new iteration of their products, many on this God’s earth get upset. The blogosphere and social media get flooded with posts and memes. People keep swearing they are gonna stop buying the new macbook because it doesn’t have a escape key! But, they are the ones who keep Apple afloat. They keep buying anyway.

I sure debate occasionally, how Apple is going to adapt in the ever changing technical landscape and the next upsurge of innovation. But, to say Apple is going to die is a sure lack of understanding of how it works. Apple has still retained much of it’s competitiveness and secretiveness from Steve Jobs era. It still has it’s chance ( and a lot cash). I am sure it will come up with something when the time is ripe. Remember, how many people said Google would die in 2005? Then Android happened!

Now, this post wasn’t really to tell you a lot of Apple. What I intend to tell is that, isn’t it exciting to see how Apple gives a damn! Show me one more company in the Silicon Valley that has the guts to play with it’s core products. Apple has consistently done that. It removed the headphone jack from iPhone — it’s most selling product and lately removed the escape key from Macbook Pro lineup. Has Microsoft Windows changed much from 98? How many companies running at the scale of Apple dared to take such bold decision with their core products? Whether that will work in the favor of Apple or not is another debate. But, Apple’s culture is something that surprises me. Isn’t that the kind of mindset every innovative company should have?