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Jack of all trades, master of none.

I am one of those poor souls who have failed to find their true calling. Instead my interests range from psychology to software development to graphic design. I usually develop interest in a particular domain often while trying to answer the big questions of life or sometimes it’s just my brain trying to silmulate something impossible. However it might be, none of my interests lasts longer than a few months.

Software development is an exception. My intrest in internet business and software development has only been growing since the high school days.

Not that I am worried about finding my true calling. It’s fine. I am doing okay. Having idea about many different things enables me to talk to group of cross-domain experts and produce a holistic view of the problem they are tring to solve. This helps me drive the team at Orchestra Technologies. As a small startup, I often play many different roles and I am handling them pretty comfortably.

I like to consider I am still lerning. Learning and Growing. Learning and trying to build something I will be proud of someday.