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What Is Apple Known For

You might answer iPhone, iPad or Mac. But, Apple really is known for upsetting a lot of people. Every time apple comes up with a new iteration of their products, many on this God’s earth get upset. The blogosphere and social media get flooded with posts and memes. People keep swearing they are gonna stop buying the new macbook because it doesn’t... Read more

The Myth of a Lone Genius

Look through popular stories and anecdotes. You will rarely come to realize that truly revolutionary work is a group effort. The idea of a lone genius working in isolation, often disconnected from the mainstream society is so common in literature that most of us fail to see the long trail of people working in large groups to make a revolution ha... Read more

You Have To Be Right Only Once

Last week, I was talking to a friend after a long time. He and I bootstrapped a few ideas and failed to execute on them. We burned ourselves out and blamed the market. Emotionally, that was the right thing to do. Now, what I think is, it was our inexperience that caused us to burn. We got many things wrong like the inept kids running their first... Read more

When AI Starts Leading Us

Just got back from a short trip. While on the vacation, I have noticed a few people sharing how they feel threatened about Facebook filtering their newsfeed. Of course, Facebook has been doing this for a long long time. But, it hasn’t got mass attention until recently — not before a few headlines from top news media about the US election and fak... Read more

A Few Words On Startup Culture

Every once in a while, I get to see people bragging about their latest Hire! Which is very natural for people in tech. Winning the talent war is no small victory. But, what’s shocking is, almost nobody in Bangladesh talks about startup culture. The country has seen a steady growth of startups in recent years — Newscred being the most talked abou... Read more